Jørgensen (FC København): "Just get better from there"

Right after the semi-finals against RSC Anderlecht we talked to Thomas Jørgensen (FC København) about the game and his experiences at the Otten Innovation Cup.

It was a pretty exciting game?

Yes it was up and down, I think many exciting things happened, unfortunately the outcome was bad.

The first half was really intense from you guys, what do you think changed in the second half for you?

We started loosing the ball too easy and were defending too much and not keeping the ball safe and they just took over.
Many throw-ins from them to keep it in. And they started to push at our goal. We stood them against well but we had to take two goals.

It's never nice to go out on penalties is it?

No, no not when it is unlucky. I felt we were the better team. Unlucky.

How has your time been here at PSV?

It is good, they are taking good care for us and everything is arranged perfectly, but yes we thought of winning this and taking home the trophy, so that could have been better, but from PSV-point it is good.

Beyond this game how is it looking for you?

We have to play one more match, we want to get the third position, that's what we are aiming for and we are going out for the last 50 minutes to give everything and then relax afterwards.

And what about after the tournament?

We do get home quickly actually so we will miss the trophy ceremony and when we get home we will playing the league and train and look after the things that went wrong. Just get better from there.

Thank you very much for coming!

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