Mason Munn: "We haven't done good enough"

After the 4-1 defeat against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC, we spoke with Rangers FC-goalkeeper Mason Munn about this years Otten Innovation Cup.

Unfortunately no wins for you this tournament. What do you think about your teams performance?

We know that our performance isn’t good enough. We were nowhere near the standard that people can expect from us, and what we expect from ourselves. It is also a learning curve, we’re a young group of players with a lot of players from 2006 en 2007. Nevertheless we need to bounce back from our performance on this tournament. It’s an exciting tournament, also to play against teams from other countries and other cultures. We would like to thank the organisation for inviting is. We’ve just struggled too much, that’s just the bottom line. We haven’t done good enough, but we’ll bounce back from that.

On this tournamen there were different rules than you’re used to. How dit you experience this?

It’s very, very different. It’s something that we never done before. We had to adapt very quickly. We got better at is as games went on, but other teams were just a bit quicker and sharper than us. That’s wat killed us at the end.

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